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October 24, 2015

By meriwether, Oct 25 2015 03:38AM

I rode out of Washington on Monday feeling disappointed that I had not been able to meet with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, our 9th District Representative in the House. As I may have mentioned before, Ms. Kaptur was back home in Ohio last week while I was in D.C. When I got to Woodbridge, VA, about 30 miles south of D.C. where I stayed with my Warm Showers hosts Jennie and David Tatum, I had an email from the Congresswoman’s office asking if I would be available on Tuesday around 5:30 to meet with Ms. Kaptur. On Tuesday morning I emailed back to say I was 30 miles south of the city and probably would not be able to cycle back. Packed up and ready to roll south, I was beset by 2nd thoughts - after all, how many times does one get to meet with a member of Congress? With Jennie’s encouragement, I changed my mind. Jennie and David were gracious to take me to the nearest Metro station (and then pick me up on my return) about 20 minutes away, and I rode the Metro back into D.C. for my meeting with Congresswoman Kaptur.

The meeting with Ms. Kaptur was wonderful. She had just returned from the airport after a tugboat dedication and christening ceremony in Cleveland that morning, and I’m sure she was quite tired. And yet . . . she spent almost a whole hour talking with me and asking me about the details of my journey. Her communications director, Matt Sonneborn, popped into the meeting toward the end, and together they thought of ways to spread the word and how to create publicity about my usperimeterride. I know that if I had continued to cycle south that morning, I would have regretted missing the opportunity to meet a great lady who is our Congresswoman! Her day was not yet over - at 6:30 she had to go cast a vote.

Now in Fredericksburg, and . . . what else . . . Proceeding On.

Al Thompson

Addendum: Actually, I'm in Richmond right now, as the post above was written a few days ago. I toured the Virginia State Capitol building in Richmond which was designed by Thomas Jerrerson - a beautiful neoclassical sturcture that was built in 1788 and had a great influence on the buildings of Washington D. C. as this structure predates the bulding of our Nation's Capital. Much of the movie Lincoln was filmed here, the interiors of the Richmond State Capitol substituting for the U.S. Capitol during the Civil War.

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