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May 22,2016

By meriwether, May 27 2016 02:16PM

I’ve spent a relaxing day up here in the Irish Hills of Michigan at Round Lake . . . which is, as you might guess, quite round. Fraternity brother Gary and wife Sally have a beautiful home on the lake, and so rather than being in my customary position on my bicycle saddle, I’ve been on the water - first in the saddle of a kayak, and then a leisurely cruise around the lake on their pontoon raft.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be my final riding day on this 9 month journey. When I leave Gary and Sally’s tomorrow morning and peddle the first 7 miles of the 40 to 50 mile ride to Toledo, my odometer will register the official 9,000 mile mark which is the lower end of my estimate I made for the ride before I left. I think I considerably underestimated since doing the complete perimeter would be closer to 11 to 12 thousand. But I am content with 9.

A number of folks have asked when I will be arriving in the Glass City. I plan to get away early tomorrow morning (Mon) and, rather than ride U.S. 223, follow the backroads from the Irish Hills into Toledo somewhere I’m thinking between 2 and 3. WTVG said they would like to do an interview with me, so I may ride over to their station on Dorr Street, and from there to my own house at 2926 Heysler in Sylvania Township - home at last. Will try to send out an email via my cell phone as I am close to the finish line.

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