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March 7, 2016

By meriwether, Mar 8 2016 03:27AM

I went for a little bike ride today . . . on my own bike. It felt pretty good to be back on the seat again. Brett at Cycle Therapy here in Lake Havasu City has rebuilt the front wheel, is replacing the rear derailleur and chain now, and the front pannier (saddle bag) rack that we were waiting for just came in today. So my intention is to Proceed On tomorrow.

Starting to feel like a resident of Lake Havasu, having been here for a whole week - longest I’ve been in any one spot, but not on the planned agenda. I’ve gotten comfortable here, and it’s always hard to start out once again when you get too comfortable. And then there’s that underlying stress and now . . . extra anxiety . . . which is always shadowing me.

Since I am about 45 miles north of where the accident occurred at Vidal Junction, CA, I don’t plan to retrace that route. Instead I will head north and cross into California again at Needles, and then follow the old Rt 66 parts of which have been replaced by I-40. Some sections of the old Route 66 are still there, now labeled The National Trails Highway.

I had been contacted by the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles - actually before the accident - and they are interested to do a story on the journey. Just have to make it across the Mohave in one piece. I’m confident I will, in spite of recent events. But no more riding into the sunset!

I have quite a substantial list of new and repeat donors who have made recent contributions to Habitat For Humanity and/or Save The Children in support of my ride. I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the following donors: GeorgeAnne and Bill Baldridge, Gary Bilski, Stephanie Decker, Russ Frye, John Fulton, Andy Hermann and Maggie Berndt and their dog Biscuit Tripper, Bridget Hermann and Billy, Laura Johnson, Gary and Sally Kranz, Cassandra Lems, Kathie and Joe Myers, Glen and Marilyn Nickerson, Debbie Nisius, Mike Rae, Jan and Tim Scovic, Mark Storer and Teri Nickinello, Chris and Bob Urfer, Ray and Kris Young. I think I have everyone - but please do let me know if I have left anyone out since my last acknowledgement. Your donations combined with those of all previous donations have brought the total for both causes to approximately $14,500! THANK YOU ALL!

Proceeding On

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