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March 19, 2016

By meriwether, Mar 24 2016 12:17AM

You may have heard of the the vintage 1940’s movie Down To The Sea In Ships the title of which may have been inspired by a phrase from the Bible. I starred in my own version, Down To The Sea on Two Wheels. I have made it to the Pacific just as Lewis and Clark did in 1805, considerably south of where they first saw the Great Western Ocean. On Nov 7 of 1805, William Clark wrote in his journal, "Ocian in view! O! the Joy" "This great Pacific Octean which we been So long anxious to See.” I guess I felt a bit of that same joy. Seems like I was just bidding farewell to the Atlantic Coast . . . but actually, that was back in December.

After being pinned down for four days in Barstow by the winds, I Proceeded On across the last part of the Mohave to Apple Valley where I was hosted by Anita and her riding companion, Archie the Bicycling Dog who loves to ride on his own seat on the back of the Anita’s recumbent trike. If Anita is not moving fast enough to Archie’s liking, a paw on the shoulder or helmet will let her know to pick up the pace.

From Apple Valley it was over the San Gabriel Mountains with lofty and snowcapped Mt. Baldy always in view and showing me the way to the Great Western Sea. It turned out to be a longer day than I had anticipated - what I thought was going to be about a 57 mile day turned into a 70 mile day with a substantial amount of climbing. I was almost 10 hours on the saddle, and the sun was setting as I pulled onto Warm Showers Hosts Carole and Wynne’s street in Claremont down in the LA basin. As I wheeled up in front of their house, my odometer read 13,808; when I left Toledo on August 17, it had read 6,808. This was my official 7,000 mile mark. In honor of St. Patty’s day the following day, Carol and Wynne had prepared a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner. St. Patty’s day . . . March 17. . . . also the official 7 months mark of this journey.

Arriving at the Santa Monica Pier, the official end of Route 66, I spent some time to savor the moment and take my "Southwest Corner Photo”. A number of curious folks approached me to ask questions and congratulate me on my ride. And then it was off to the Hosteling International Youth Hostel to settle in for the night.

Now heading a bit north to Granada Hills to visit with old fraternity brother Rod who I have not seen in over 40 years.

Still Proceeding On a day at a time,

Al Thompson

At this spot on the Southwest corner of the country and at 7,000 miles, I would again like to acknowledge and thank all those who have supported my ride with your donations to Habitat For Humanity and/or Save The Children. You all have brought the total for both charities combined to $14,700. Thank you so much!

Scott Abrams

Barry Alcock

Mike Alcock

Mary Baird

Hetty and Tom Ball

Lou and Bernie Barth

Arlyn Bensch

Rick Berg

Sue and Bill Babel

GeorgeAnne and Bill Baldridge

Jane Bihn

Gary Bilski

Mark Bodenmiller

Gail Bossard

Holly Browning

Bruce Burgin

Mike Burke

Karen and Peter Byrne

Bernie Camp

Jessica Cheney

Sandy and Dino Ciolino

Katherine Collins

Michele and Bill Comes

Gary and Pat Corrigan

Mike Croke

Mike and Cyndy Cotter

Joe Cotter

Mike Coyle

Karen Cummings

Jim and Angel Dandar

Stephani Decker

Dave and Bonnie Dixon

Keith Duhaime

Diane Elzey

Jim Fisher

Mitch Fried

Russ Frye

John Fulton

Jim and Judy Galliers

Ron Greller

Bob and Judy Haas

Julie and Bryan Haas

Sally Haltoms

Chris Harrington

Cris Hastin

Polly Heninger

Andy Hermann and Maggie Berndt and dog Biscuit Tripper

Jim and Diane Hermann

Bridget Hermann

Roy Hill

Tom and Lisa Hoersten

Eileen and Harold Hoffman

Carol Holdren

Linda and KC Hufford

Karl and Dottie Huls

Dee and Brian Hyde

Pat Hyde

Amy and Brian Hoey

Marla and Bill Janna

Laura Johnson

Jim and Sue King

Debbie Kimmelman

Phil Koenigseker

Becky and Mike Koike

Gary and Sally Kranz

Tim and Joan Kreps

Tom and Patti Lammers

Sue and Ron Lang

Gail Latham

Jim Latimer

Mary Jo Lehmann

Cassandra lems

Michael and Debbie Lindell

Les and JoAnn Lipski

Kristin Low

Joan MacPherson

Mike Mauntler

Cheryl McCormick

Harry McGovern

Mike McIntyre

Don and Patty McGraw

Larry Martin

Michelle Mininger

Michael Mihalick

Beth and Bruce Miller

Susan Rowland Miller

Jerry Mills

Tom Moffitt

Kathie and Joe Myers

Glen and Marilyn Nickerson

Debbie Nisius

Mary Ann Oess (representing the Saint V’s nurses)

Mary Ann Oess

Ken and Janet Orlowski

Kathleen Paulson

Kathy and Michael Peace

Rick Perse

Erin Peterson

Philip (Flip) Purvis

Michael Rae

Sue Rauhut

Bob Rex

Mike and Sherie Robarge

Linda Rogers

Janet Rogolsky

Jenny Saunders

Tanvir Singh

Jack Smith

Jan and Tim Scovic

Barney Stewart

Suzanne and Jeff Storer

Mark Storer and Teri Nickinello

Dennis and Linda Studer

Di and Pam Allen-Thompson

Charles and Jan Thompson

Linda Telmanik

Chris and Bob Urfer

Janet Van Nest

Courtney and Rob Vujtech

Jeff and Tammy Wagner

Dale and Vicky Wiltse

Ray and Kris Young

Sig Ep14th Annual Reunion

Barb and Dave Ziesmer

Also thanks go out to new and repeat donors Mary Ann Oess and Jan and Tim Scovic who have made recent donations since my last update.

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