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June 28, 2017 Havre, Montana

By meriwether, Jun 29 2017 01:29PM

This will be just a short Update. I wanted to share a few links to some Youtube videos that will give you a sense of what it’s like to be bicycling across the Great Plains. Just as the Rocky Mountains have such majesty and grandeur, the Great Plains also have their own grandeur in the vast and wide open spaces. It’s actually been quite exhilarating . . . scudding across the plains with a fair and following wind urging  me along. Yesterday and today at times I was cruising along at 17, 18, 19, 20 miles per hour.  Of course, if I was heading in the other direction. I might not be so enthusiastic. But I figure that I paid my dues on my trip up the West Coast as I battled the north winds. 

Here is a link to the first video:

This is “The Rockies In My Rear View Mirror” which was the theme of my last Update.

This link is titled “The Sweet Grass Hills” which are a small group of mountains that just pop right up out of the Great Plains. They are not part of the Rockies but stand by themselves near Shelby, MT. They were sacred to the Blackfeet tribe. See why:

And this third link is a little ride along that I did today (6/28) on my way to Havre, MT, where I am tonight:

During this ride along, notice that a white pickup truck passes very close to me - way too close. Normally I would have uttered some choice words, but since the camera was rolling, maybe not appropriate. Every day I have one or two of these Jerks - and that’s Jerk with a Capital J - who try to squeeze past me when there is traffic in the oncoming lane, endangering me as well as the oncoming traffic. Please take note everyone - when you pass a cyclist on a two lane road and there is oncoming traffic, please don’t try to pass; wait patiently to give the cyclist lots of space as you go around them. Now . . . down off my soapbox!

I will also include a few photos - as is my custom - to give you an insight to cycling the Great Plains.

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