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January 19, 2016

By meriwether, Jan 26 2016 01:43PM

Greetings All from Liberty, Texas . . .

It was here that Sam Houston practiced law after the establishment of the Texas Republic in 1836, and the location of where his office once stood is marked in the square where the modern courthouse stands today. I had quite a nice ride today across the vast open spaces of East Texas heading toward the Houston area - lots of sun and a deep blue sky laced with wisps of clouds. I’m finding the Texas roads to be very good for riding so far - especially when compared to the roads of Louisiana - with wide berms that afford a margin of safety between me and my fellow high speed denizens of the road.

I usually don’t follow an entry so quickly with another one, but my 5,000 mile Update brought in a number of donations, and I wanted to acknowledge those folks and correct an omission. Apologies to Mike McIntyre for leaving him off the last list of donors - sometimes I forget to add the names after I’m notified by HFH and Save The Children that a donation has been made.

And many thanks go out to the following new and repeat donors to Habitat For Humanity and Save The Children: Lou and Bernie Barth, Mark Bodenmiller, Mitch Fried, Becky and Mike Koike, Mike Mauntler, and Rick Perse. Again, if I left anybody out, do let me know.

Proceeding on into the Lone Star State - it’s only 800 miles to El Paso!

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