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February 7, 2016

By meriwether, Feb 7 2016 10:27PM

I’m about 225 miles from El Paso - better than the 878 mile sign when I first entered Texas. I’m surrounded by western landscapes now - so different from East Texas. Mountains, hills, and buttes dominate the near and far horizons and truly are a feast for the eyes; this barren and harsh wilderness has its own majestic beauty. But the isolation in these vast panoramas can be quite intimidating, being out here alone as I am with just my bicycle and gear. Riding the last two days from Sanderson to Marathon and Marathon to Alpine has been quite awesome - I negotiated 20 to 30 miles of Sanderson Canyon with dramatic upthrusts of land to either side guiding me westward. The wind was at my back which can make or break a day of riding. Four days ago it was just the opposite with the wind in my face and a curse word or two upon my lips.

I did a little Youtube video ride along in East Texas, and I’ve done one here in West Texas as well which provides a good contrast between these two widely separated areas of the Lone Star State. Here is the Youtube link to my West Texas Ride along if you would like to check it out:

I saw the moving memorial pictured below on the road from Marathon, TX, to Alpine. From what I found out, Rene, age 60, was a geologist and an avid cyclist from Midland, TX, who was with his wife on a weekend trip at the time. He was killed at this spot while cycling by a 31 year old woman - a mother - who was two times over the legal limit. His friend created this memorial for him. Sobering indeed!

Super Bowl Weekend is upon us. Hoping I’m somewhere that I can watch it. Would like to see the Old Guy win this one for old times sake!

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