Welcome to Alan Thompson's website and thank you for stopping by. This is a website about a journey and two great causes. The journey is a bicycle ride around the perimeter of the 48 contiguous states of the U. S. The causes are Habitat For Humanity (HFH) and Save the Children.  For the last few years I have thought of undertaking this long bicycle tour to support the building and rebuilding efforts of HFH - especially those in the wake of natural disasters. Save the Children, which receives an A+ from Charity Watch, aids kids globally in the wake of disasters and emergenicies, in addition to fighting childhood hunger and providing health care and education.

My plan is to circumnavigate the perimeter of the country to raise awareness of Save the Children's mission to rescue our most precious resource from danger, hunger, illness, and poverty. Also a focus of my ride will be Habitat’s building programs at home and abroad when disasters strike in addition to their general mission to provide basic, decent housing to those in need of a home.  I hope to encourage those I encounter along the way to make a donation in support of these programs. Additionally, as I travel I intend to visit local HFH affiliate chapters and spend a day volunteering on one of their current projects.


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